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  • Bronze Membership

    Kitchen Time

    This entry level membership is good for an entrepreneur  just getting started. Small clientele list,  but an active growth plan.  Membership is up-gradable. 10 hour kitchen time..

    Includes: 10 hours of Kitchen Time at $22 per hour


    $ 220.00 per month*
    + $ 50.00 One-time
    * Billed monthly
  • On Sale

    Silver Membership

    Kitchen Time

    This second tier is for businesses ready to hit the ground running, and/or have existing contracts.  Membership is upgradable.

    Includes: 40 hours of Kitchen Time at $20 per hour


    $ 500.00 per month*
    $ 800.00 per month

    * Billed monthly
  • On Sale

    Gold Membership

    Kitchen Time

    Gold Level Members have an extensive clientele list, and high sales goals.  Membership is upgradable.

    Includes: 80 hours of Kitchen Time at $18 per hour


    $ 1,000.00 per month*
    $ 1,440.00 per month

    * Billed monthly
  • Food Truck Parking

    Parking Slot & Electric

    This membership is for Food Trucks / Trailers who need a single parking space.  No Kitchen time included.

    Includes: Electric & Single Space. No Kitchen Time


    $ 150.00 per month*
    + $ 50.00 One-time
    * Billed monthly
  • Food Truck Commisary

    Food Truck + Kitchen

    For Food Trucks & Moblile Vending who need a license under Arkitchen (no parking is included)

    Includes: License, Gray Water, Grease Dump, 24/7 Security and Garbage.  Kitchen Time retail rate per hour


    $ 25.00 per month*
    + $ 50.00 One-time
    * Billed monthly
  • Walk In Membership

    Kitchen Time

     Kitchen or Classroom on demand. Monthly Membership (no minimums) + Deposit/Admin Fee for New Members. 

     Educators, Non-Profit Groups, Corporate Team Building, Business R&D, Multimedia Staging and Production, and Restaurant Shift Training. School, Church & Family Groups Welcome.

    $40 per hour + Tax

    $ 19.99 per month*
    + $ 50.00 One-time
    * Billed monthly